our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the tools, accountability and community to aggressively grow and master their business.

EOconnect is a peer-to-peer resource database that affords you access to the collective experiences of top entrepreneurs around the world. Our membership continues to grow at a fast rate, and the need for peer-to-peer engagement has never been stronger. Through a dynamic and reliable platform like EOconnect, we can deliver enhanced functionality to better support your desire to experience share with 10,000+ peers around the world.

You can access this member benefit by clicking on “EOconnect” in the “My Benefits” section of theEOaccess navigation bar.


YOUR access to centres of medical excellence

Connecting members to the best health care and counselling in the world through alliances with top centres of medical excellence, the Healthnetwork Foundation offers members peace of mind. Addictions. Mental health needs. Illnesses. Injuries. If you face any of these personal challenges, EO can help through our relationship with the Healthnetwork Foundation.

Available for members and immediate family members

Call +1 404 893 0830 (7.30am-6.00pm US EST Monday through Friday) or visit healthnetworkfoundation.org




EO Marketplace is an online platform where members can access exclusive deals (discounts, upgrades, etc) from member and non-member companies. It is located under the ‘my benefits’ tab of your member profile on EO access. It costs US$1,500 per year for non-members to list a deal and US$500 per year for members to list a deal. Deals are vetted by the EO Global Strategic Alliances Committee. EO Marketplace has an RSS feed! Members can opt in and receive updates of deals that are applicable to their chapter (instead of having to log in each time to check for new deals).

For more information contact Erik Witzel.

exclusive access to our global community online

Members can access EO’s global community 24 hours a day, seven days a week through EOaccess (eoaccess.eonetwork.org/sydney). This members-only website allows you to participate in virtual communities based on your interests, search the online membership directory to find like-minded members, access audio and video content from past learning events and much more.

  • To connect to other members inside and beyond your chapter, use EOAccess to search for, find and connect to the members you are looking for

  • Travelling? Search for other EO members in other chapters or complementary industries. Check the events page for the chapter in the city you are visiting and see if you can attend a local event

  • EOCommunity is a great way to connect with members around your business or personal interests




Reporters from around the world come to the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation for expert business perspectives. PressPass connects you to these opportunities to gain exposure for you and your business.

Get connected via eoaccess.eonetwork.org/newzealand then follow the links under My Benefits

Social Media

EO Global iphone/ipad app (by synapse)

The EO Global application is developed for usage by the global network of EO members. The application includes information about chapter locations, events and membership directories. EO members can login with their network user name and password to access the information.

EO New Zealand facebook

The EO New Zealand Facebook page is an informal place for members to connect and keep up to date with all things EO New Zealand.

Follow what we are doing on our Facebook Page

Also, the EO New Zealand Facebook Group is an informal place for members to connect and keep up to date with all things EO New Zealand. To join the group click here.